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Lounge Concepts &  testimonials

                                Celebrating our 15th Anniversary at The Pepper Lounge                                    October 7th, 2017 - from the left: Buddy Coy, Steve Guidry, David Hines, Pete Ferretti 

Steve Guidry: Business Partner, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Emcee, DJ, Host, General Manger, Teacher, Sales Manager, Bartender, Safety and Security Consultant

Lounge Concepts

Since 2004, I have been involved with a group called Lounge Concepts.  In this span, I have worn every hat imaginable.   I met them as a bartender and event coodinator, and then became their business partner in 2007.  Between myself or two other guys, we have owned, currently own, or have operated multiple high energy nightclubs, restaurants, patio bars, and event spaces over the past nine years including: (The Pepper Lounge, Nectar, Mandarin, Lumen, MIST, El Borracho, The Outfield at Mike Shanon's, and now Circle 7 Ranch).

I met my nightlife business partners in 2004 after I successfully built a Sunday night at The Pepper Lounge, known to this day as SUNDAY SKOOL.   After fourteen months and in 2006, this success led to an opportunity to design, build, operate, and brand a new project in St. Louis, known as The Outfield at Mike Shannon's.   This venue was voted "the hottest bar-patio of the year" surpassing most nightclubs as the place to be seen that summer in St. Louis...and the Cardinals won the World Series that year....enough said.

In 2007, our group went on to build a nightclub at the Lake of the Ozarks called MIST, located inside a resort called Lodge of the Four Seasons.   We ran it, had some fun, and ended up selling it in spring, 2011.   At that time as well, I helped coordinate one of the largest energy drink takeovers in the nation (and maybe to date) by helping establish Hansen Beverages, also known as Monster Energy, in the St. Louis nightlife scene...more specifically to Lounge Concepts.   

During the construction of Mike Shannon's in 2006, my partners had also built a new venue called Mandarin Lounge.   I helped re-brand Mandarin in '08 the launch of "Worship Wednesdays", and since then, have been a part of a variety of high profile Mandarin events as well as week to week training and consulting.

Since 2007, I've helped with every aspect of our business, at every venue, with my concentration usually on the project that best suits us for the time being.  I spend most of my time: 
-Developing and teaching others to build and maintain thousands of happy customers a year at multiple venues
-Train, recruit, and develop GM's, AGM's, VIP hosts, Bartenders, Sales Managers, Event Coordinators, Bottle Service girls, Security, Doormen, and everything in-between... always on the lookout for natural entertainers
-Teach employees to develop sales through strategic calendar and event planning
-Produce or help others create multiple high profile events, numerous times a month/year
-Provide in-house bar safety consulting
-Periodically coordinate security for high profile athletes, models, and or celebrities
-Help provide employment opportunities for hundreds and hundreds of people
-Provide outside consulting for other groups (when we are contracted)


Casey Biancur
Makeup Artist/Full Time MSW Student

Steve Guidry is the man you want on your team. He is successful at planning, organizing, and executing any type of event. There is no one as motivated as Steve. Everything he puts his name on is a success.

January 27, 2011, Casey worked directly with Steve at Lounge Concepts

Anne Bequette

Steve is a dedicated individual and an even more determined businessman. He's very thorough in his interaction and his goals, and very punctual with getting the job/project completed. Always a pleasure to do business with.

August 30, 2010, Anne was with another company when working with Steve at Lounge Concepts

Chuck Stephens
Director Non Alcohol Sales at Lohr Distributing

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve on numerous promotions with Lounge Concepts and Fusion Nightclub. Steve is professional, knowledgeable, and has a great network here in the industry. He's very dependable and follow through every program we worked on with great success.

April 29, 2010, Chuck was with another company when working with Steve at Lounge Concepts

Tracy Taylor
President and Owner of Blunt Force Trauma Fightwear

In my many opportunities to work w/ and interact w/ Steve Guidry he has been nothing short of exceptional. Charismatic, detailed oriented, and a master of achieving what was considered not possible, Steve would be an asset to anyone looking to improve their businesses station and notoriety.

March 29, 2010, Tracy was Steve's client

Matthew Moehlenhoff
Sales Representative at Glazer's Midwest

Steve is very talented, extremely professional, and passionate in his work. I had the pleasure of doing business with him at multiple venues in St. Louis. He continues to be a driving force behind the great events throughout St. Louis.

March 25, 2010, Matthew was a consultant or contractor to Steve at Lounge Concepts

Amanda Major
Associate Estate Specialist

Steve is a dependable person. He's always quick to help with whatever needs to be done and does it quickly and efficiently. I have great respect for Steve and his company and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to do business with him.

March 24, 2010, Amanda was with another company when working with Steve at Lounge Concepts

Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark
Designer at Simply RSI

Steve is very creative and passionate about what he does. He is highly talented and extremely professional in his work. I had the pleasure of working with him at Morgan Street Brewery and have been fortunate enough to stay in contact with him over the years. He is always behind the great events in nightlife through out St. Louis and I can always count on him to let me know where the place to be is. He always seems to be constantly working and pushing his clients and himself to the next level. Anyone who knows him knows that is a great person and a positive person to be around.

March 24, 2010, Lisa worked directly with Steve at Lounge Concepts

Elizabeth Barnhart
Director or Restaurants and Outles at Crowne Plaza St.

Steve is a very creative and intuitive thinker. Steve was a great asset in assisting with promotions and marketing and takes in house marketing to a new level. Steve works at a fast pace and always stays many steps ahead of his competition.

November 18, 2009, Elizabeth was Steve's client

Lauren Zoanetti
Publicist at Jane Higgins & Associates

Steve is a highly-talented, experienced professional with a great level of character and integrity. I was fortunate enough to do a sales and marketing internship with Steve being my principle teacher. Steve exudes expertise and charisma through his natural ability to build and maintain relationships, a work ethic that is beyond reproach and an excitement for his profession.  These qualities allow him to constantly challenge the status-quo with strategies that are not only innovative but prove constant positive results. As a teacher, Steve was not only encouraging, articulate but was always available for the benefit of my education process.

November 5, 2009, Lauren reported to Steve at Lounge Concepts

Keri L. Allison
Account Executive

Working with Steve and also under Steve was a pleasure. He knows the bar/nightclub industry better than anyone I know. He is extremely successful at working with people and building long-term relationships. Steve would be a huge asset to any company.

August 26, 2009, Keri L. worked indirectly for Steve at Lounge Concepts

April Powell
Experienced Branding & Social Media Professional/Enthusiast

I had the pleasure of working with Steve to develop a promotions program for Sky Box.

I was impressed with his knowledge of the St. Louis market, specifically the niche UFC community. Steve was able to provide pertinent information regarding demographic information, consumer expectations with regard to the nightlife/food & beverage/sports communities, unique consumer retention programs and measurement systems.

Together we were able to develop a very successful UFC promotion program which established a solid customer base and incrementally increased sales. Steve is a knowledgeable, professional and personal person who is easy to work with. I highly recommend Steve for any projects potential clients who may be seeking a qualified, results-driven consultant.

August 17, 2009, April worked with Steve at Lounge Concepts

Svetlana Antonova
Svetlana Antonova
Senior Account Manager at TSC Apparel

Steve Guidry has made a name for himself in the Saint Louis night life industry. I first met Steve when he was working for Bar Saint Louis. I have never met anyone that is so passionate about making sure that people are enjoying their evening and got what they came for. Steve first started out tending bar and has come a long way since. He has now put together hundreds of successful events, thrown the biggest weekend parties at all Lounge Concept Venues, and hosted amazing private charities.

Steve's focus is to make sure guests are comfortable and pleased. I have worked with him in the past for personal events for myself and companies I've worked with. Sure enough people always leave with a smile and have great things to say for days after. His work ethic is amazing and he is one of the most driven people I've met. It is refreshing to see someone that doesn't give up through all of the curves that have been thrown his way. A true hard worker.