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a career in nightlife

(ABOVE) November 2nd, 2014, Steve celebrated 10 YEARS at The Pepper Lounge aka Sunday Skool, with his "Day of the Dead" party.  Steve built and hosted the longest running upscale "industry night" in St. Louis history...still operating strong in 2015.

Over the past ten years, I have been asked to help or consult on quite a few projects.  Early in my career, a lot of situations were done pro bono so I could test my own methods I had designed for myself, on outside situations, and or because I was agreeing to help a friend in this business (which happens a lot).   As I have grown and proven myself thousands of times with continued success in designing nightlife, reinventing new nights for nightclubs or bars, building bars or nightclubs, hosting high profile events or parties, or consulting on a variety of situations, that knowledge now comes at a certain price.

As I tell people who are interested in starting in this business or developing a new one, "how do I put a price on a formula...that may lead to a lifetime of business success?"   As I have learned from various brothers, uncles, grandparents, or even my father, who are the masters of their crafts and own their own companies as well as consult---there is a price for teaching someone a skill that they can use for life.  

I have consulted and offered advice for: event coordinators, family members, beer and liquor distributors, liquor companies, new bar, restaurant, and nightclub owners, operators who have 25+ years in this business, operators who have 25 minutes in this business, land developers, property managers, investment groups, celebrities who want to build bars and nightclubs, attorneys, insurance brokers, bartenders who want to build their own bars...and the list goes on. 

I am willing to consult on just about anything to do with building and maintaining events, parties, bars or nightlife.  I have done a one four hour meeting such as I did on a winery and wine haus, or I have done long term projects such as when my Lounge Concepts partners and I did a six month project.  I can do big with a team of people, or I can do an afternoon meeting over coffee.   Whatever you need, I can solve your bar, nightclub, or restaurant marketing and or operational concerns, questions, or problems...or at least introduce you to someone who can!  Please email me today at to see if I can help you build a lifetime of business.  


Mark and I would like to thank you for meeting with us to discuss Late Night bar business. Your consultation clarified a lot of things for us and brought up other things that we hadn't thought of. Your straight, to the point presentation was just what we were looking for in a consultant. Thanks again and come on down and see us when we open up for late night business!


Mark and Mary Taylor

Owners (27+ years)

Hannegan's Restaurant and Pub