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The Bartenders Brawl


September 26, 2010 Inaugural Bartenders Brawl -St. Louis, MO. (ABOVE FROM THE LEFT) TUF's Season 12 semi-finalist Kyle Watson, UFC and MMA Legend Dan Henderson, Partner Ben Strake, (Me) Steve Guidry, Partner Rob Stone,  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Bryan Guidry.

An image from a kickboxing match during The Bartenders Brawl at Ameristar Casino in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 22nd, 2012. 


The Bartender's Brawl

The Bartenders Brawl debuted on September 26th, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Bartenders Brawl is an event involving Steve Guidry and two nightclub entrepreneurs that are recruiting and transforming individuals from "regular people" into athletes concurrently spreading kickboxing and amateur MMA around the globe.  The brawl team look for the who's who of the bar, restaurant, and nightclub community (bartenders, managers, promoters, bouncers, valet, cocktail waitresses, etc.) for this start up kickboxing and MMA event around the United States.  The employees are trained by some of the biggest names in both mixed martial arts and kickboxing, in each city, and then given an opportunity to step into the ring against an equal opponent and show what they've learned. We developed this event for entertainment purposes as well as helping raise awareness for some local charities, including support KICK International ( .

We are recruiting many strategic sponsors as this event picks up steam and receives notoriety. The event was recognized and supported fully by KICK International in January, 2011, with the global endorsement to move forward and explore the world.   The first outside show was held in Kansas City at Martini Corner, followed by Charlotte on top of the Epicentre, then off to Chicago at Joe's on Weed St. For future planning purposes, the 2012 circuit was actually trimmed down to just St. Louis and Kansas City.   Currently, the group is in talks with a high profile production company out west.   Because of this, all planning has been put on hold.   For questions about the event, producing one in your town, or other various aspects, please feel free to reach out.

Contact Steve and bring the brawl to your town:




Drink Slingers Set to Slug it out at EpiCentre

Drink Slingers Set to Slug it out at EpiCentre
Inaugural Bartenders Brawl takes place August 17 at Pavilion

CHARLOTTE, NC – Bartenders throughout the Queen City are accustomed to dishing out drinks on a nightly basis, but on Wednesday, August 17, the area’s top service industry stars will deliver right hooks and haymakers to each other at the inaugural Bartenders Brawl.

Bartenders Brawl is an amateur fighting series that pits the “who’s who” in the local service and hospitality industry against one another inside the squared circle. Each match will consist of three 90 second rounds held under kickboxing rules. Participants will have to wear head guards, shin guards and standard boxing gloves for each fight. Each fight will be matched-up by weight class and participants will undergo professional training prior to the event.

Service industry personnel interested in competing at Bartenders Brawl can register online at or by calling 704-904-8946. The earlier the registration, the more time that participant will have to train for free at a Charlotte-area gym. The deadline for registration is August 1.

Founded in St. Louis in 2010, Bartenders Brawl has pitted mixologists against each other in St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago, and now the service industry slugfest comes to the Carolinas. The inaugural Bartenders Brawl Charlotte takes place on August 17 at the rooftop Pavilion at EpiCentre, 210 E Trade Street in uptown Charlotte; bell time is set for 7:30 p.m.

Multiple levels of spectator tickets are available for Bartenders Brawl, from general admission seats for $20 apiece up to premium VIP tables. For additional details on spectator options or to purchase tickets, log on to

SUITE will host the official Bartenders Brawl After Party at the conclusion of the fights and anyone with a wristband from Bartenders Brawl will be admitted to the After Party at SUITE for free.

Pavilion at EpiCentre is Charlotte’s premier rooftop special event venue, located in the heart of uptown. With its breathtaking views, contemporary design and sophisticated Penthouse bar and lounge, Pavilion at EpiCentre redefines urban, upscale events. Flexible floor plans, the fully equipped Bud Light Sound Stage and unbeatable amenities combine to accommodate limitless creativity in event design for groups of any size.,0,7957747.photogallery




Bartenders intentionally brawl in Martini Corner (Video) 

The only things a bartender usually gets to throw down are a few drinks during and after their shifts. But on July 31, playful banter was put aside, headgear was donned, and mixologists from across the city duked it out in the Bartenders Brawl at Martini Corner.

The event, which originated in St. Louis in 2010, pits amateur pugilists (of both sexes) and mixed martial artists from the service industry against one another. Add in a few ring girls, and this year the Bartenders Brawl will be in four cities, including Charlotte, North Carolina, and Chicago.

The video above shot by Envision Studios [h/t to Tony's Kansas City] is like a cross between a Toughman contest and the Thrilla in Manilla (the fights were under the lights).

YouTube is also rife with slightly shaky, crowd-shot videos (turn your volume off if you're at work; fighters apparently respond best to cursing). The worst best of the lot is the video of Jason McIntosh — a bartender from Austin's Bar and Grill in Olathe — knocking down Chad Milstead of Saints Pub + Patio. It comes replete with Batman-style effects and a soundtrack.

Tip well. Be kind to your bartenders. It looks like a lot of them are pretty tough cookies (also, don't call them tough cookies).

Wednesday, August 17

Bartenders Brawl Charlotte
The area’s top service-industry stars will duke it out at the inaugural Bartenders Brawl Charlotte. Bartenders Brawl was founded in St. Louis in 2010 and since has pitted mixologists against each other in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago. Now the amateur fighting series, where bartenders, servers, and hostesses will face off against one another inside a ring, will be held in Charlotte. Each match will consist of three ninety-second rounds held under kickboxing rules. Participants, who’ve undergone professional training leading up to this event, will wear head guards, shin guards, and standard boxing gloves for each fight, and will be matched up by weight class. More than a dozen bouts are scheduled, including five female fights...sweet! 7:30 p.m. $20 and up. Suite will host the official after-party. Anyone with a wristband from Bartenders Brawl will be admitted for free, suitecharlotte.comPavilion at EpiCentre, 210 E. Trade St.,,

Wed, Aug. 17 - The Bartenders Brawl

-The Bartenders Brawl is an amateur fighting series consisting of the "who's who" in the hospitality business, infused with local celebrities and sports figures.

-Bar and nightclub recruits are matched up by weight class, trained for 4-8 weeks by professionals, and then sent into the ring for bragging rights!

-Fighting style will be kick boxing with head guards, shin guards, and standard boxing gloves.

-Fight format will be three rounds, minute and a half each.

-Event will take place on the rooftop of the EpiCentre with stage and tent located adjacent to the Bud Light stage.

-After Party at SUITE //

-Purchase Tickets or Register at

-Or call: 704.904.8946

-The earlier you register, the more time you will have to train for free at Ultimate Gym of Charlotte

Photos: The St. Louis Bartender's Brawl

Local promoters, bartenders, managers and cocktail servers stepped into the ring this past Sunday at Al Hrabosky's Ballpark Saloon. This night of amateur fights included both MMA and kickboxing matches. Photographer Sarah Rusnak was there to catch the action.

Charlotte Observer

Bartenders Brawl, comedy, more

By Courtney Devores
Special to the Observer
Wednesday: The Bartenders Brawl is not a Tom Cruise-style "Cocktail" throwdown; instead, these service-industry stalwarts are actually stepping into the ring. The amateur fighting contest consists of a who's who in hospitality, as well as local celebs. Fighters, who have spent the past four to eight weeks training, will don guards, gear and gloves to punch and kick it out for three rounds at the Epicentre's rooftop Pavilion (210 E. Trade St.). Bell rings at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20-$100. Suite will host the after-party at 10 p.m. (free entry with Brawl wristband). 704-904-8946;

Contact Steve and bring the brawl to your town: