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While attending the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1999, I began my hospitality career working the velvet ropes as a bar and nightclub doorman.  Helping college acquaintances out off and on in a nightclub district in St. Louis, Missouri, a former baseball teammate saw me and recruited me to "get on board with him" at a venue owned by Bar Management Group (a large hospitality company out of New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina).  They opened countless operations in cities all over the United States.  Although I did travel moderately, St. Louis is where I ran one of the wildest venues in the Midwest during that time, which was a place called "Bar St Louis."  We met everyone per se --from celebrities to sports figures--- and pulled just about every insane stunt imaginable.  As much as I enjoyed the company, I wanted more.   Reluctant about going out on my own, I left BMG in 2003 because I felt I could do it better on my own. 

I went back to bartending on the weekends at a popular brewery so I could focus the weeks on my own projects.  It was about this time around March 2004, when I met my future nightclub business partners.    They had just opened a swank steak house and martini venue called The Pepper Lounge and were looking to build a Sunday night.   With the help of a fellow friend —David Hines, aka DJ BIG D--we built and maintained one of the hottest nights in the city for almost two years.  Every celebrity, athlete, and "who's who" started arriving on Sunday nights.  It was an unprecedented upscale Sunday night in downtown St Louis.  We knew we had something good here and yet again, after two years, we all wanted more. 

In 2006, our group decided to partner up with a local steakhouse to design, build, and manage a high volume patio bar next door to Busch Stadium, named The Outfield at Mike Shannon's.   The place was a monster success as we met our expectations and the Cardinals won the World Series that year. 

In spring 2007, the group moved forward and opened an upscale nightclub named MIST.  It was located at the Lake of the Ozarks inside the Lodge of the Four Seasons.   In 2007, my partners formed a parent company called Lounge Concepts.   During that same time, my partners had been developing other projects with other partners, named Mandarin and Lumen.   They also went on to build El Borracho, which was formerly known as Nectar (an upscale bottle service venue in St. Louis).   The management brand soon became my partners company, Lounge Concepts, with my partners controlling most of the interest in the portfolio.   In March 2011, we sold MIST, and my former business partners pursued building a new a restaurant concept in West St. Louis County named Circle 7 Ranch.  

Since 1999 I have spent majority of my time throwing parties, developing events, training people, consulting, helping others, creating new sales tactics, building new and polishing old events, and finding new ways to keep bars and nightclubs busy.   I had mastered most aspects of the nightclub and bar business by 2003, which was why I left a large group like BMG and took my skills to do something on my own.   These skills range from but are not limited to: PR, marketing, branding, advertising, social media management and strategy, client development and management, bar and nightclub (long and short term) sales structure and design, long term relationship building for marketing and management, liquor and beer taster, strategic partnership development, government and law enforcement relationship management,  sales personnel training, management training, leadership development and training, bar and nightclub concept development, sound and music programming, managing financial operations, cost management, event management and production, sales & strategic calendar planning, as well as bar safety and nightclub security consulting.

In 2007, my network led to an opportunity creating a company that helped companies brand themselves through a green initiative I had created.   Furthermore, it brought advertisers, marketers, and sponsors together for one purpose and allowed them to concurrently launch a green initiative.   That company has now evolved even further finding a unique niche in the world of business development, branding, and marketing.

In 2008, I consulted with a five star restaurant in an attempt to broker a deal involving them expanding from South America to the United States. 

Since 2008, I have been creating a program to revolutionize how owners approach hospitality safety and security.  This program will launching April 2019, it's called C.A.L.M. Bar Safety.  

In 2010, I co-founded "The Bartenders Brawl" with two other nightlife entrepreneurs in St. Louis.  The Bartenders Brawl is an MMA and Kickboxing event involving true novice hospitality professionals who are trained by professional athletes.   Each city we have had trainers who are former reality TV stars from TUF from Spike TV,  BJJ world champions, Olympic wrestlers and coaches, UFC and Bellator competitors, pro-kickboxers and boxers, and other high profile trainers to get these hospitality professionals prepared.   In summer 2013, the event was picked up by a TV production company for further development.  As of 2019, my partners and I have shelved it because we don't have time for it.  Perhaps we will pick it back up soon, who knows?   

In 2012, I was contracted to develop business for the UMMAF and indirectly the IMMAF.   I was asked to primarily introduce potential marketing partners to the UMMAF and IMMAF as each group stays busy in the pursuit to unify Mixed Martial Arts around the globe.   This kicked off when both groups hosted the first ever MMA World Championships, held in Las Vegas during UFC Fan Week in July 2014.  Going full steam ahead and with support from around the globe, the World Championships have been in Bahrain recently with probably over 80+ countries involved.

From 2010-2013, when my arthritis cooperated with me, I trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with my brother Bryan Guidry .  My brother Bryan is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rodrigo Vaghi, who received his black belt from Rickson Gracie.  Six or so knee scopes, a torn right PCL, 7 PRP injections in my left knee, a bulging disc, four torn shoulders, chronic arthritis in my hands and the "big four"...I'm done with that for now.  Also giving up weights in 2013, now I train by myself and focus on strength training through primarily body weight movements.  But if you are interested in fitness and in the St. Louis area, my brother is well versed in: Jiu Jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, MMA (as a former undefeated amateur MMA fighter), wrestling (as a former collegiate wrestler), Judo as a former judo competitor, and thus you should swing by as he owns North Broadway Brazilian Jiu Jitsu located on "The Hill" in St. Louis, Missouri.  


Doorman, Security, Barback, Bartender, DJ, Amateur Vocalist, Emcee, Floor Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager, City Liaison, Costume Coordinator, and "Fallguy"

Bar Management Group 

Oversee and operate a multi-million dollar nightclub in downtown St. Louis
Report to and play liason to state and city liquor agencies
Throw parties four nights a week, 365 days a year, operate at capacity, and ensure a great time had by all
Recruit, hire, and train natural entertainers, DJ's, and bartenders
Provide safety and security for thousands of patrons a week
Operate, cooperate, report to, and provide a great business model within a company network of over 60 concepts spread out as far as 2000 miles
Worked with on promotions with: The Real World, Girls Gone Wild, hosted the Playboy golf tournament in Traverse City Michigan in summer 2003 (that was a terrible time). 

Part-time Event Coordinator/Promoter/Bartender

Steve Guidry

Built a unprecedented upscale Sunday night in downtown St. Louis that still stands eight years later
Introduced thousands of people to what is now one the longest running and still hottest lounges in St. Louis (the Pepper Lounge)
Created and produced 17 events in almost two years
Marketed one of the first MMA shows in St. Louis
Bartender at a brewery (NYE '03- November '09) even after I opened and operated my own nightclub

General Manager

The Outfield at Mike Shannon's

Recruited, trained, and helped design the biggest and hottest venue in 2006---a ballpark patio bar at Busch Stadium----and we won the world series that year
Voted "the place to be scene in St. Louis"--Alive magazine summer 2006

Business Partner

Lounge Concepts

Two other guys and I have owned, currently own, or have operated multiple high energy nightclubs, restaurants, and event spaces over the past (almost) nine years including: (The Pepper Lounge, Nectar, Mandarin, Lumen, MIST, El Borracho, The Outfield at Mike Shanon's, and now Circle 7 Ranch). I met my business partners in 2004 successfully launching Sunday nights at The Pepper Lounge in '04. I designed, operated, and branded Mike Shannon's in '06.  We partnered up and built MIST in 2007.  I helped re-brand Mandarin Lounge in '08, and have been a part of various development aspects in their other businesses that I didn't or don't own such as:
Develop and maintain thousands of customers a week/month/year
Train and recruit sales managers and natural entertainers
Help employees develop sales through calendar and event planning
Produce multiple high profile events numerous times a month/year
Provide in-house security consulting/training
Coordinate security personally for high profile athletes, models, and celebrities
Help provide employment opportunities for hundreds or maybe thousands of people
Provide outside consulting for other groups


Peruvian Concepts

Peruvian Concepts was formed between myself and a high profile global executive in the efforts of bringing a five star South American restaurant to the United States.   Due to non-disclosure agreements, the name of that restaurant can not be disclosed.


Mantra Services Group

Mantra Services Group was created to bring sponsors, advertisers, and brands together through a green initiative.   Mantra's team is a combination of people including an award winning European design group, a leader in global beverage consulting, and myself.  

Bar, Nightclub, Restaurant, and Event Consultant


The Bartender's Brawl

The Bartenders Brawl debuted on September 26th, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Bartenders Brawl is an event involving myself and two nightclub entrepreneurs that are recruiting and transforming individuals from regular people, into athletes, spreading kickboxing and amateur MMA around the globe. We target and train the who's who of the bar, restaurant, and nightlife community (bartenders, managers, promoters, bouncers, and cocktail waitresses) for start up kickboxing events around the United States. They are trained by some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts and kickboxing in each city, and then given an opportunity to step into the ring against an equal opponent and show what they've learned. We developed this event for entertainment purposes as well as helping raise awareness for some local charities, including support of the non-for-profit KICK International which builds and helps fund the U.S. world championship kickboxing team. We are recruiting many strategic sponsors as this event picks up steam and receives notoriety. The event was recognized and supported fully by KICK International in January, 2011, with a global endorsement to move forward and explore the world. ( The first outside show was held in Kansas City at Martini Corner, followed by Charlotte on top of the Epicentre, then off to Chicago at Joe's on Weed St.

Founder & President
C.A.L.M. Bar S
Idea:  January 2008
Beta test: January 2016 
Roll out:  April 2019 

After many years of development and rolling out the beta tests September 1st, 2016, 19+ Years, 5000+ Nights, 50,000+ hours, and $75mm worth of parties, stories, nightmares, successes, and failures, have been incorporated Steve's bar, nightclub, restaurant, and live event create C.A.L.M Bar Safety. C.A.L.M. is a sales, safety, and security standard of excellence and training program created by me, Steve Guidry. C.A.L.M. is taught online through four different courses: Hospitality Management & Ownership, Bar and Nightclub Security & Staff, Legal Education for Attorneys, and "CE" for Insurance Agents for which they receive FOUR credit hours in Missouri. This one of kind program has been endorsed by Illinois Casualty Company (a Midwestern hospitality specific insurance provider representing businesses in: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, and Iowa), the former St. Louis City Excise Commissioner, the law firms of Restovich & Associates and John P. Guidry II, risk advisors at The Daniel & Henry Company and Lakenan in St. Louis, probably soon to be over 100 agencies across the Midwest, policemen and public safety officials, self-defense experts, military and law enforcement trainers, bar & nightclub professionals, and many other business professionals.

On Oct. 21st, 2015: "The CALM Standard" became accredited as a self-study e-course by the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration. This means not only is it an incredible program for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, golf courses, banquet halls, wineries, etc., it provides FOUR HOURS of continuing education credit for those professions who may need it (ideal for insurance professionals involved in the hospitality business). 

President, C.A.L.M. Legal Consulting LLC
Apr 2016 – Present  

After many years of development, launching June 1st, 2016, 16+ Years, 5000+ Nights, 50,000+ hours, and $75mm worth of parties, stories, nightmares, successes, and failures, have been incorporated Steve's bar, nightclub, restaurant, and live event create C.A.L.M Bar Safety. C.A.L.M. is a sales, safety, and security standard of excellence and training program created by me, Steve Guidry. 

An earlier than expected spin-off from training hospitality management in sales and safety, I'm providing expert advice for law firms (attorneys) who have taken on cases surrounding bar, restaurant, nightclub based lawsuits. I have read hundreds of pages of depositions, written opinions and reports, and offered a unique in-depth analysis of the bar and nightclub business, helped design and build case strategy, created the questions for depositions, and prepared as an expert witness for trial. I am already on file and have been working on multiple cases with The Expert Institute. 

The C.A.L.M. Standard is taught online through four e-courses: Restaurant, Bar, & Nightclub Management, Hospitality Staff, Legal Education for Attorneys, and "CE" for Insurance Agents (this was awarded the "CE" certification to receive FOUR credit hours of continuing education in Missouri). This one of kind program has been endorsed by Illinois Casualty Company (a Midwestern hospitality specific insurance provider representing businesses in: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa), the office of the St. Louis City Excise Commissioner, the law firms of Restovich & Associates and John P. Guidry II, risk advisors at The Daniel & Henry Company and Lakenan, countless policemen and public safety officials, self-defense experts, military and law enforcement trainers, bar & nightclub professionals, members of the FBI, and numerous other business professionals.


Business Development & Consulting

After spending a lifetime entertaining people, building brands, and designing a company in '08 (Europe/USA  I developed countless of high profile relationships around the globe attempting to launch a green marketing and branding initiative through H2O), my business development experience has lead me to other high profile opportunities.

At one point I lead business development for the USA Mixed Martial Arts Federation, or the UMMAF (, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enable US amateur athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence, develop character and support the efforts for all amateur Mixed Martial Arts. UMMAF provides the infrastructure to promote and grow MMA in the USA and through international competition. The UMMAF is the national federation for MMA representing the USA as a member of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF). The IMMAF is the international governing body for MMA, non-profit and democratic, founded from within the MMA community for the MMA Community. UMMAF is focused on supporting Mixed Martial Arts athletes in World Class Competition by providing an infrastructure of State, Regional National and International events developed to help athletes excel.

I have spent almost twenty years in the hospitality business, excelling in most categories.  I am an expert in leading people and building internal sales systems.  My roles within Lounge Concepts were but not limited to: a crucial position within our own company, teaching and leading people, organizing people and venues, acting as a strategic communication pipeline within a large company while managing numerous brands, recruiting employees, helping manage numerous brands and marketing campaigns, leader in business development, social, traditional, and experiential marketing, developed many managers and leaders, expert in event management, planning, production, social media planning & brand building, sales & calendar planning and execution, outside and inside sales, building email marketing campaigns, and retaining clients.